Seeding a community
of talented individuals
in Miami

New to Miami? Been here for years but looking to grow your professional network? Let’s connect talent with purpose and build the new 305. 

A New Home for Startups

Ranked as the #1 city in startup activity in the US (Kauffman Index) and a #3 top emerging tech hub (Mashable), Miami has seen a noticeable increase in accelerator programs, startup investment, entrepreneurial support and resources focused on supporting the growth of small businesses.


This "black swan" event has fundamentally accelerated people moving to South Florida. From famed investors in Silicon Valley to entrepreneurs from every part of the world.

Network Effects

With The 305, we hope to create and accelerate opportunities that can only be created by a strong network. Our hope is that like minded people meet each other to solve important problems.
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Reason behind The 305?

Being part of The 305


We will organize intimate weekly dinners at a private dining room in a setting of
6-8 people.
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Post-COVID (and/or after the vaccine) we’ll organize 50 person events to create discussions and connections.
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